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Your website should be the anchor to your digital marketing presence.  Anybody discovering you will certainly check you out before trusting you to do business with.  And if you're going to have a website, it only makes sense to have it work for you to bring in business.  This is accomplished by SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  That's getting YOUR site to come up when someone is searching for the goods or services you offer.  Without proper SEO, an attractive website is like having a diamond encrusted business business card at the bottom of a stack of other cards - unseen.  That's what happens when you don't get on the first page of Google.

Get Your Company on the FIRST Page of Google

We are a professional SEO company that specializes in increasing your online visibility and presence.  If you have made it to this far, you know or at least are aware that there are customers out there searching for your services and/or products, right now, on Google.   You may also know, if you are not listed on the first page, you are missing out on a massive portion of business.  However, if you are not “into” all this “computer stuff”, you probably don’t understand how important it is to "rank" (be on the first page of Google search results).  We have the knowledge and experience to Rank high in the search results.  Click the button below to run a complete website audit of your site using our  tools.  We’ll send you a detailed report explaining how your site is viewed from a search engine’s perspective, and how you compare to the competition that IS ranking, as well as the steps needed to improve your ranking significantly.  The first step is knowing where you are.  Only then can you start working on getting to where you need to be.

Types of Lead Generation

1.   Organic Results: The foundation of most company’s electronic footprint, ranking on Google’s first page and on Google’s local page is a proven and powerful way to generate leads for a large percentage of businesses and is the best way to garner new customers.  Attaining strong organic results requires good search engine optimization.  Big Lead Energy is expert in all the on-page as well as off-page SEO techniques.

2.  Social Media Advertising:  Leveraging Facebook advertising to generate high volume targeted leads is another one of our strengths. Facebook advertising is great for marketing directly to the demographics that your business serves.

3.  Word of Mouth: New business means more satisfied customers.  More satisfied customers means more people that are inclined to share their satisfaction with your business.  Acquiring more first time clients with the help of our online services will spread the word of your great work.

4.  Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Using Google Adwords, Bing ads, and Yahoo to capture leads.

5.  Referral Incentives: These include coupons, discounts and bonuses for any business that is referred to you through another website.  Going hand in hand with referral incentives are strong reviews from Google, Yelp, and others.  BLE has proven strategies to capture only the 4+ star reviews that help to drive prospects to your door.

6.  Buying Leads: If you purchase leads from HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack there are multiple companies bidding on one job. There is a very small chance that you will get that client, so we do not recommend using this strategy.

Let Big Lead Energy Help You Scale

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Our scalable campaigns function like your company's very own marketing arm, providing actionable inquires (leads) in the precise quantities YOU need.

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Our platform leverages the granular information of social media's big data to target and attract your perfect customers that are ripe for your offer.

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Our work is fully guaranteed.  Quantifiable metrics are established and used to hold us accountable.